Genre: Adult Thriller

Release Date: 1/12/21


Drop off the newborn of an unknown teen and incarcerated father at the doorsteps of a slaughterhouse, where he is adopted into a life of hard labor, albeit gruesome, and what do you get? In this case a superhuman sensory perceptive, with a different kind of drive. And one who’s afflicted with a fetish he must keep to himself. To live as he sees fit one day, this genius must put the past behind him.


Until now, expert brain surgeon Abel Rhodes has been shackled by societies expectations, his interpretation of a dystopian reality. After all, “functioning psychopath” doesn’t fit neatly into the life he’s created, or into one his family or colleagues would understand. 

Abel’s Sanctuary, a brilliant hideaway, built with his own two hands, serves as the backdrop to satisfy his need for execution. Glorious? Yes, but even this isn’t enough to quench his cravings.

His growing angst toward a rotting society of the Internets 'entitled', while savvy societies watch—waiting to devour our ignorance, must be rectified. What he needs  is a ‘Captain’—his captive, to be the face of said alligence. 

Once he finds one who is all he hoped for...and then some, can Abel successfully accomplish his greatest fantasy and romance his carnal fetishes? Or will she destroy him and the utopia he's created?



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