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Dr. Abel Rhodes - Brain Surgeon,

Brilliant, Dangerous,

Tall, Athletic, 40ish

"Merlot"- Social Media Influencer

with mysterious background-

exotic looking, Curves, Mid 20's

Abel fade photo.heic
Merlot Fade Photo.heic
Plays Abel
Plays Merlot

Celeste-Abel Rhodes


Socialite, "Yoga-Fit",

Mid-Late 30's

Celeste fade photo.heic
Plays Celeste

Derick - Body Builder,


Loves to Party, 30s-40s.

Derick fade photo.heic
Plays Derick

Bella - Dr. Rhodes

Office Assistant, Med-Tall,

Curvy, Smart, Coy, Mid 20's

Bella Fade photo.heic
Plays Bella

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